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Hi Sweet Friends.. just a little hello and for you to take a look at my new blog — Sherri Of Palm Springs It is I think so pretty, I hope you all like it. Sherri

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I THINK OF YOU — Where Words Daily Come Alive

The sun is bright the leaves are green, I think of you always the lone vision in my Dreams I hear your voice alive within soft and sweet, I think of you quietly as our eyes now meet You say you love me I say it too, I think of you, a thought not blue…I […]

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Underpaid Elderly Artisans

Photographer Taha Ahmad is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography. From his project ‘Swan Song of the Badlas ‘. For Taha’s Timeline click on any image. Mukaish Badla is a form of embroidery, which at its peak in the 18th century, flourished in the Indian city […]

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Be like a diamond precious & rare. Not like a stone found everywhere. 💛 Bir elmas gibi ol değerli & nadir rastlanan. Heryerde bulunan bir taş gibi değil. 💛

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Humankind today, has been caught by a greater flood than Noah’s and that is “flood of immorality”.

İnsanoğlu bugün, Nuh tufanından daha büyük bir tufana yakalandı ki, o da şu içinde bulunduğumuz “Ahlaksızlık Tufanı”dır.

ll Nureddin YILDIZ ll

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Be sincere. Allah knows what’s in your heart. 💙 Samimi ol. Allah kalbinde olanı bilir. 💙

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May Allah heal the broken hearts. The ones who are silent, who cannot express their pain. The ones who are tired of torment. The ones who need a break. May Allah put an end to your sadness, may He put a smile on your face. Ameen

Allah kırık kalplere şifa versin. Sesini çıkarmayanlara, acısını söylemeyenlere. Eziyetten bunalanlara. Rahatlama ihtiyacı olanlara. Allah sıkıntılarını gidersin ve yüzüne bir gülümseme versin. Amin

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New Orleans – Two Featured Art Prints

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I did my New Orleans series years ago (before Katrina…yes that long ago) and chose a gothic oil technique for the entire series. This technique focuses on bold brush strokes and earth tone colors creating an old world look. This type of style compliments the “old world” atmosphere of the French Quarters. Whether it’s just people watching, enjoying the architecture of the area or the great food, there is always something to do in the Big Easy. From that series, I am highlighting two of my favorites, New Orleans Cafe and Balcony Cafe. These two seem to always get purchased as pairs as they do compliment each other very well. Thoughts?

New Orleans Cafe

Balcony Cafe

I invite you to stop in and browse through the rest of the New Orleans collection. The series is located within my Street Scenes/People Gallery.

Please visit my main gallery: TheWallGallery (All domestic orders…

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#One-linerWednesday . . . You can be a good person . . .

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You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no.

Text & image credit: Spiritual Awakenings ॐ

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