Beyond the Horizon

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The World according to Dina

Siri and Selma recently read in Amy Sackville’s quietly written novel “Orkney“:
Siri und Selma lasen letztlich in Amy Sackvilles ruhigem Roman “Orkney”:

looking out to the North nothing but the birds scattered, crashing ocean, and beyond to where it meets the sky, a line called the hilder, they say in these parts; a line sometimes luminous, sometimes obscure.

Midnight sun, Far North, NorwayFar North midnight sun in Norway

As brave Bookfayries they immediately got the idea to find out what might be to be found behind the horizon. A bold task. For centuries there was this conception shared by old and young mariners that behind the horizon , behind the line where the sky rest on the sea, you fall into a horrible abyss. So we strictly forbade our beloved Bookfayries to sail behind the horizon under the menace of getting no pocket money any more.

Als kühne Buchfeen…

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