A short christmas story…

Rethinking Life

“Would you ever want to be Santa?”

“No.  Would you?”

“Never.  Look at the way he dresses and that beard, it’s so gross.”

“Well, he’s a tradition.  He can’t really change and still be Santa, right?  I mean, he’s supposed to look like that so people will recognize him.”

“Still, do you think he wears normal clothes at home?”

“Not if the movies are right, although he seems to take off the red jacket and the hat.”

“I bet he doesn’t even own jeans or t-shirts.”

“They’d have to be pretty big t-shirts and without jeans, well, they would look terrible with red velvet pants, not to mention the white trim.”

“And he lives with all those elves.”

“Elves have very high pitched voices, like the lady in the pet store.”

“I think she sounds that way because she’s always talking to the parrots and dogs.”


“Haven’t you noticed…

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