I am Ayman and I am a refugee from Syria

What a story!!!

Critical Dispatches

Ayman Hirh was a successful marble and granite trader in the Jobar district of Syria’s capital, Damascus, before the escalating political situation in his country drove him and his family into exile. Because of his involvement as an activist in the 2011 uprising and President Al-Assad’s subsequent crackdown on any and all dissent, Ayman was forced into hiding before he was able to borrow $2,000 to bribe government officials to renew his passport and make his escape. He arrived at Heathrow airport in January 2012 and was swiftly relocated to Glasgow before reuniting with his family to build a new life in the UK. Ayman currently lives with his wife, Iman, and two children, Bishir and Bassil, in Edinburgh.

I met Ayman and his family just as this new mural, featuring his portrait and story, was finished on Camden Mews this afternoon. With his wife by his side and his children…

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