Presenting Doug Stuber and his “OPUS CREATIONS”

To See The rest of Dougs collection please email him

dougstuber@gmail.comAvatar Transport


Opus 1826 Medium


Small Opus 1814


Opus 1812 - Copy




4 thoughts on “Presenting Doug Stuber and his “OPUS CREATIONS”

  1. Bernie Sanders needs to ask four questions of Hillary Clinton. How does she stand when it comes to these policies her husband forced down the Democrats throats, or coaxed votes via federal spending pork-barrel, kick-back laden projects?

    1) NAFTA: just how many millions of jobs were lost, replaced slowly and painfully at $6.-10 an hour when factory pay in Detroit was higher than $25 per hour for most workers?

    2) GATT 2: This WTO-Creating abomination gave up our sovereignty (no country should be allowed to punish another with fines over trade, come on!) and opened the door to tens of millions more jobs moving to the cheapest labor they could find with favorable governmental non-interference (enter China). Now that Obama has “done it again” via the Pacific deal, when will you bring back the $25-an-hour jobs, and how?

    3) The Welfare Reform act of 1995: After shipping unskilled and skilled labor overseas, William J. smiled as he hammered the lower class with draconian cuts to the welfare system. How did that work out? With way more gun violence, crime, drug dealing and use, and of course the DOUBLING of the USA prison population. How can you or your husband still even be called Democrats?

    4) Worst of all: The banking Reform Act of 1995. During the depression banks were reeled in to lending $4 for every $1 they had on deposit. This tight ration meant it was nearly impossible to get a loan and the real estate and country suffered immeasurably but recovered. Does the opposite prevent a crash then? I think not. Your husband loosed banking from the generous $12 worth of loans for every $1 in the bank to $30 available to lend for every $1 in the bank. The result has been not JUST the subprime mortgage scandal but the resulting illegal and unnecessary bail outs, I mean is this a free market or not? The point is the result was more damaging as mortgage foreclosures soared way over 10,000 per day.
    Now we have four times more dollars in float than we did in 2008, could this cause inflation?

    Which of any of these policies your husband ushered in do you agree with, and why? How!?


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