Raja Ampat Night Diving

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Not many scuba divers love night diving, at least that’s how I found after four years diving and met other fellow scuba divers from around the globe. Dutchie and a German lady whom we met during our diving trip in Raja Ampat (West Papua, Indonesia) were the exception.  Dutchie is a fanatic to night dive, that especially after spotting the corals’ blooming in Curacao during a night dive. I am not into night diving as much as Dutchie. I was frequently bitten by large amount of small fishes “looked alike blood worms” that attracted to my camera lights. They could be very annoying! Plus I get cold easily after the dive at night. However I admitted that diving at night could be fun. And Raja Ampat has spectacular dive sites for night diving. There were many weird species to see during the night dives that usually unseen during daylight.  In…

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