It Is Not Fibromyalgia! Read On!

About Clueless Doctors & Scientists

If you have been told that you have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue symptom, you should read this article. Here I just copy-paste the end since I would like you to see that there is actually a disease (there may be more) that is now known to be causing the symptoms that many believe to be fibromyalgia! But please read the whole article!


Finally, a Real Diagnosis

An acquaintance dropped me a note one day that encouraged me to see a infectious disease doc here in the Midwest. A close family member of hers was made healthier by this man and she felt I should at least see him. It took months to get in, and I was profoundly skeptical.

The day came and I brought my partner with me to help me express what was happening, ask smart questions, and remember it all. When you lose your words and you forget…

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