Prayers for Lianne Schneider…

This morning I went into our Catholic Group In Fine Art America and there was a note please pray for Lianne, but wasn’t sure what hadhappened yet…I will let you know when I find out God Bless You Lianne



3 thoughts on “Prayers for Lianne Schneider…

  1. Lianne has been diagnosed with cancer…a lymphoma….They will be treating her with chemo intensively for 4 to 6 weeks. She has to be hospitalized the whole time and will not be able to be with her family for the Holidays. They gave her less than 50% chance of beating it…but she believes she has 100%. 🙂 My friends are praying for her..the more the better!


    1. Oh Sharon, how terrible it gave the sicky in stomach so sorry to hear that…oh sure prayers do help…God Bless her and thank you for letting me know.. Do you have a special place you are all prayer…As you know my daughter just went thru breast cancer chemo, surgery and radiation and she is in remission but didn’t have a 50% change….I just feel so bad for her family and Lianne..


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