My Pet Peeve of the Week

Beautiful gorgeous art/photography by my talented friend Joyce Dickens

Joyce Dickens Presents

My Pet Peeve of the WEEK

 I have spent several hours this morning going through thousands of images that have been entered into a National Geographic MACRO contest; while there are many gorgeous MACRO shots entered, there are at least one third of the images that I have viewed so far that are not MACRO shots at all – Please stop wasting people’s time!

For those of you that are not familiar with the term MACRO, here is Webster’s definition: the making of photographs in which the object is either unmagnified or slightly magnified up to a limit often of about 10 diameters.   Britannica defines it: macrophotography between natural size and 10 to 20× magnification, using the camera lens on its own.

 In over 3,200 photographs this morning I have seen several shots of the moon, a landscape, a seascape, and MANY other images that quite realistically ARE NOT MACROs and…

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2 thoughts on “My Pet Peeve of the Week

  1. Thank you my dear friend for your awesome support of my work, no matter what it is – since I have written “my pet peeve of the week”, I have reconsidered doing this post from now on as I am trying to eliminate any and all negativity from my life, and upon re-reading it, it seems that my own posts are a form of negativity in themselves so am discontinuing the “column”; but I do appreciate you sharing my work Sherri – I will just be rethinking more before I post…..

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    1. and I think that is great a good one to share I am sure it will be terrific the way it is written and a whole new perspective on your new way ..and you sure are living in a new way my sweet friend I will always want to share your art and thoughts, negativity written and then with a turn around at the end of it with something like we all have are problems don’t we or something cute..turn it around at the end…don’t you think..well I guess I didn’t say that the right way…but I know you will…huggs


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