A question…

I have noticed that alot of my friends that I have re-blogged have not seen them….what I mean is that there wasn’t a like by the artist or photography…..do you like the way this blog is set up…Remember, this blog is for you and such lovely art -photography

will you tell me what you think Please!!!

SherriPolar Bear cubs need our help with climate change.


3 thoughts on “A question…

  1. I think that a lot of pingbacks go missing i.e. into WP spam. That may be the prime reason. The artist or photographer doesn’t know because they don’t see the re-blog comment on their post. Also, if they follow as many blogs as I do, someone who posts more than once a day will give them the screaming abdabs when they go through their email box, and so they delete without even looking at what each one is about. Yes, that’s me! I’m doing that a lot today as I’m way behind!

    I hope all is going from strength to strength on the home front. Hugs xx


    1. Oh Sarah, working on strength everyday of my life..lol
      you are such a sweetie, my my middle name is Catup..that could be and I think you are right…there are so many beautiful pictures or art that are missed.. I guess I just feel bad that they missed there or your beautiful images…happy thanksgiving my sweet friend

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