A Little Story

Nice story poem and images by Barb


There is an ancient Greek myth of the woman who wanders into the waters of the River Styx where Charon, the guide, was to take her to the region of the departed spirits. Charon reminded her that she could drink of the waters of Lethe and thereby forget all the anguish she had experienced in life.

She said, “I will forget how I have suffered.” Charon replied, “You will forget how you rejoiced.” The woman challenged, “I shall forget my failures.” Charon reminded her, “And also your victories.” Again she said, “I shall forget all of the painful memories of life.” Charon countered, ” You will also forget all the loving and joyful memories of life.”

In silence the woman meditated, and ultimately elected not to drink the waters of Lethe. She chose to retain her memories of sadness, of loss and tribulation, rather than surrender the loving memories of…

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